Welcome to OASIS Ninja: A Home Health Nurse’s Guide to Visits, Documentation, and Positive Patient Outcomes.

This book is secretly a motivational book. No amount of technical knowledge will matter if you have no motivation to take action on a consistent basis for years to come in the workplace. Therefore, the last section on motivation may be the most important section you read in this book, besides the technical aspects of nursing it suggests for you to review in the first sections.

The ultimate goal of this book is to orient a new grad nurse into quickly working effectively as a visiting nurse in home health. It assumes that the reader has basic academic knowledge they acquired in a BSN or LVN program, although with no prior experience working formally as a post-undergrad nurse. This is because if you can teach a new grad nurse, then you can teach any nurse regardless of experience level or which specialty they came from.

I originally did research and took notes for myself to help improve my own performance at work as I gained experience working. While I am not perfect, what notes I took down may help other nurses out there, especially ones starting out or changing into this specialty.

One of my philosophies is that competence will lead to confidence and less risk of burnout at work and more job security in the long term. And you will sleep better knowing you made a positive difference in your community. May this book serve you well in your endeavors and good luck in your lifelong learning!

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